Our Mission & Vision


We teach students to solve problems creatively and have a positive impact on their own communities.


We envision a society where differences are embraced and conflict resolved without resorting to violence.

About Us

iDebate Rwanda is using debate to change the lives of young Rwandans and East Africans. iDebate Rwanda gives students the tools to change their own world by teaching them how to think critically, how to solve problems creatively and how to impact their own society. By taking part in debate, students become engaged learners, critical thinkers and leaders who are effective advocates for themselves and their communities.

Our Programs


At the occasion of the 20th commemoration of the genocide against the Tutsis, we took off the task of sharing their stories with the world. From universities & high schools. We shared with their audiences the pain, confusion and frustrations of being born in a society that was ravaged by genocide.We  use stories, dances, public debates to let American know of the dangers of not engaging with each other.

Dreamers Academy

The Dreamers Academy is an 11 days annual holiday camp for secondary students in Rwanda. The camp aims at enhancing and sharpening the critical thinking skills of students through training in argumentation. The camp also helps participants level up on a couple of skills that include public speaking,graphics design and coding.

Debate Leagues

The debate leagues are monthly tournaments where  secondary schools in Kigali and in the Eastern Province of Rwanda compete against each other on a given motion.We are currently working with 30 schools and plan to scale to over 45 schools by the end of 2021.

East African Debate Championship

The East African Debate Championship provides students from the East African Region with a platform to discuss and exchange profound ideas on issues affecting East Africa as a whole. Rwanda joined in 2013.

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